New Ladder Truck at Utica

Issue 16 and Volume 58.

New Ladder Truck at Utica A new aerial ladder truck which was recently delivered to the department of Utica, N. Y., by the American-La France Company of Elmira, N. Y., was given its first informal test on October 1. For over an hour the machine was tested out without a hitch. The ladder reaches 75 feet in the air when the second lever is touched to release the second section. The ladder can be raised in four seconds. When the ladder is raised, by the simple release of a pin and the turning of a small handle the ladder can be turned in any direction most convenient for the firemen to work from with a hose. The auxiliary ladders were used, and the men were drilled in how to use the whole apparatus by Mr. Meade, the delivery agent of the company.

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