School Fire Prevention Exercises

Issue 16 and Volume 58.

School Fire Prevention Exercises The fire exercises in the public schools of New York City on Fire Prevention Day were general, and carefully prepared to give the pupils a full understanding of the importance of the day. From the program of Public School No. 168 for boys and girls, the following is taken to show the nature of the proceedings: An Appeal to Citizens, prepared by Fire Commissioner Adamson, read by pupils; Christmas Tree and Fourth of July Fires; Question and Answer Exercises by pupils; Tow-minute drill by the school; What to Do in Case of Fire, by pupils; Some Don’ts for Fire Prevention, by pupils; Talk on Causes, Effects and Prevention of Fire, by the principal; Model fire drill by pupils. It will be seen by this program that the fire prevention instruction in this school was very thorough and the lessons learned not likely soon to be forgotten.

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