Cleveland Fire Improvements

Issue 19 and Volume 58.

Cleveland Fire Improvements Arrangements have been made with the fire department of the city of Cleveland, O., whereby the fire protection equipment of the May Company’s department store may be utilized for extinguishing fires anywhere in the public square or vicinity. A new pump which the May Company has installed was recently submitted to test. Four lines of hose were connected with the pump and the pressure was so great that it took four men to hold each nozzle. Streams of water, at a rate of 7,200 gallons a minute, were thrown from the Prospect avenue entrance of the store to Ontario street. Two huge gravity tanks, each with a capacity of 50,000 gallons, and six other pressure tanks, holding 6,000 gallons each, have been built on the roof of the new store to feed the fire pump. Another surge tank, containing 25,000 gallons, has been installed in the basement.…

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