Inspections in Bloomington

Issue 19 and Volume 58.

Inspections in Bloomington Chief Henry Mayer, of Bloomington, Ill., and the captains of the department have been making the annual inspection of business buildings in the city to ascertain whether State law and city ordinances as to fire protection facilities are being observed. To facilitate the work of inspection the city was divided into five districts with the company captains in charge of their respective districts. Chief Mayer said that already 1,011 buildings have been inspected and the majority of these have been found to be up to requirements. When the inspectors find a building that is not up to the standard the matter is reported to Chief Mayer and he mails a notice to the owner or occupant, who is requested to visit the fire chief at his office and the owner or occupant is instructed to put the building in the proper condition. In a reasonable length of…

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