Issue 19 and Volume 58.

THE WILLIAMSBURGH DISASTROUS FIRE The disastrous fires in Peabody, Mass., and Wiliamsburgh, Brooklyn, in which more than twenty-five lives were lost, besides the more than one hundred people injured, will awaken widespread interest to the importance of proper supervision against fire in buildings of this character where many human beings congregate every day. These fires were simply repetitions of others of a similar character that have occurred in recent years and which then aroused great public feeling in all parts of the world. The investigations and suggestions that followed these fires showed that v ant of proper safeguards to protect life was principally the cause of the disasters, but no very radical method to prevent them was, or probably could be, adopted. Defects in fire escapes, in fireproofing, in internal manage ment all received attention and were discussed from both secular and scientific standpoints, yet following the lesson taught by…

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