Millinery Fire in Indianapolis

Issue 20 and Volume 58.

Millinery Fire in Indianapolis Chief Johnson, of Indianapolis, Ind., had a troublesome fire to contend with in the Griffith millinery house, a few days ago, which caused a loss of $30,000. The report says that the prompt work of Ralph Robinson, an elevator boy, who had been employed only a few days, probably saved the lives of William Crawford, a foreman, four girls and three men who were trapped in the factory on the fourth floor. More than fifty girls are employed in this department, but they were absent, as the fire broke out at the noon hour. Otherwise it is believed there would have been loss of life. Indianapolis is very fortunate in escaping the fate of the victims of the Williamsburgh factory fire, while it may be mentioned that if a few level-headed people like Robinson could be found in dangerous positions like the Griffith fire there would…

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