Disk Company Plant at Galesburg Burned

Issue 20 and Volume 58.

Disk Company Plant at Galesburg Burned The plant of the Coulter Disk Company, at Galesburg, Ill., was destroyed by fire on the night of November 2. It was located outside the city limits in a field and had no fire protection, the nearest hydrant being three-quarters of a mile away. A watchman discovered the fire at 8.30 p. m. and telephoned for aid to the Galesburg department. Chief John E. Cater responded with ten men, one second size Metropolitan steamer and two hose wagons, but there was little the firemen could do, there being no cisterns to pump water from. I’hc building was half consumed when they arrived and the fire practically burned itself out in three hours. There were 75 people employed in the building but no one was hurt. The value of the building is estimated at $50,000, which was a total loss. The contents, which consisted of…

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