Decision on Firemen Performing Outside Work

Issue 20 and Volume 58.

Decision on Firemen Performing Outside Work At Buffalo, N. Y., an action against the Board of Fire Commissioners for allowing firemen to paint stations has resulted in a decision in favor of the board. A report on the case says: City firemen are allowed to paint firehouses and the fire apparatus belonging to the city, under a decision handed down by Justice Marcus in the action of Alvin J. Marsch against the fire commissioners. Marsch as a taxpayer brought an action to secure an injunction restraining the fire cornmissioners from demanding such service for the city firemen. For many years it has been the custom of the fire board, following a policy of economy, to have the firemen paint the fire houses and apparatus, when they are not engaged in other work. Marsch claimed it was no part of the duty of a fireman to do such work and was…

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