Issue 20 and Volume 58.

AMONG THE MANUFACTURERS New Corey Hydrant. An illustration herewith shows the hydrant stem of the new Corey hydrant, marketed by Anderson & White, of New York. It is claimed for this hydrant that a special guide in connection with the stem guarantees positive and accurate seating of the valve and that it does not loosen. The working parts of the hydrant are of case and rolled Tobin bronze and can be removed through the top of the hydrant for repairs. These hydrants are made in three sizes, the smaller or regular size having four-inch main valve opening and six-inch inside diameter barrel; the second has a fiveinch main valve opening and seven-inch inside diameter barrel. The large hydrant has a six-inch main valve opening and eight-eight diameter barrel. The size of inlet bell nozzle equipment and length of hydrants in all cases correspond to requirements. These hydrants are manufactured by…

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