Issue 22 and Volume 58.

FILTRATION The City Commissioners of Fort Collins, Colo., have purchased from the State eighty acres on which the city’s filter plant stands. The purchase was made at a sale of State lands held in Denver. In speaking of the purchase a local newspaper said: “Fort Collins now owns and controls 240 acres of land at the head of the city’s water works system, acquired through the wisdom and prompt action of the City Commissioners. The city’s water supply system is now fully protected so far at its headworks are concerned. They arc all located on land owned by the city and can never be disturbed by adverse claimants.” Reports from Salt Lake City, Utah, state improvement in the water of Big Cottonwood and Parley’s Creek has been reported to City Health Commissioner Paul by State Chemist Herman Harms. Early in September, Mr. Harms reported that the water from these streams…

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