Issue 24 and Volume 58.

WATER RATES The Benwood and McMechen Consolidated Water Company, of Benwood, W. Va., has made application to the public service commission to increase the rate from $6 to $12. Pittsburgh, Pa., has adopted a metered rate of 7 cents per 1,000 gallons for hospitals and charitable institutions, which is stated by the Budget Committee to be below the cost of furnishing the water. The Lynn, Mass., Water Board has established water rates for 1916 and has reduced the rate for excess water used from 30 cents to 25 cents per hundred. A year ago the initial payment was reduced from $15 to $10. The rate in Houston, Tex., is $1 per thousand gallons, until the water meter has been paid for, after that the price is reduced to 50 cents. During the dollar payments, 50 cents each month is applied to the meter payment. The rate per thousand gallons in…

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