Suspected Arson Cases in St. Louis

Issue 24 and Volume 58.

Suspected Arson Cases in St. Louis Recently Chief Henderson, of the St. Louis, Mo., fire department, gathered evidence in twenty cases of suspected arson and turned evidence over to the Circuit Attorney. In each case the Chief was thwarted because he could find no witness who saw the “torch” start the fire, such evidence being essential under the Missouri statute. In all 20 cases, Chief Henderson said, the evidence of arson was undisputable. Cans, bottles, pails, boxes and barrels of gasoline were found, with streamers of cloth leading from one to another. An illustration herewith shows barrels and boxes found in the Nixon-Jones Printing Company’s plant in St. Louis, Mo., alter fire which recently destroyed the interior of the establishment. According to information that reached the office of the Circuit Attorney barrels and boxes of gasoline were found after the fire which had not been in the building when the…

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