Issue 25 and Volume 58.

THE DES MOINES FIRE SERVICE The gross fire loss for the past five years in Des Moines, Ia., which has a population of 100,000, amounted, as given in the fire department records, to $1,311,264, varying between $194,053 in 1914 and $356,967 in 1912. The annual number of fires varied between 595 in 1910 and 780 in 1914, with an average loss per fire of $383, a low figure, says a report on conditions in that city issued by the Committee on Fire Prevention of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. The report gives the following information: The water supply is adequate for present requirements. Water pressures are good and well maintained; increased for fire. Fire Department Organization. The department has been full paid since 1893. Department is under the supervision of Superintendent of Public Safety W. F. Mitchell. For fire department purposes, the city is divided into 3 districts, with…

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