Recent Patents

Issue 25 and Volume 58.

Recent Patents 1,159,975. Fire-escape. James Martin, Philadelphia, Pa. 1,157,536. Hose-washer. Harry P. Herron, Los Angeles, Cal., assignor to H. Mueller Mfg. Co., Decatur, I11. 1,157,614. Fire-extinguishing apparatus. Charles Brent, Kenora, Ontario, Canada. 1,161,971. Apparatus for purifying and aerating water. Joe F. Quigley, Oklahoma, Okla. 1,162,020. Fire-alarm. Walter H. Bowman, Bridgeport, Conn. 1,162,024. Means for softening water. Georg Buchner, Munich, Germany. 1,162,133. Fire-extinguisher. Harold J. Carmody, New York, N. Y., assignor of one-third to Joseph M. Levine and one-third to Harry Ufland, same place. 1,162,413. Firc-cscapc. Henry Sperling, West Hoboken, N. J. 1,162,624. Apparatus for purifying sewage or any other liquid. Lucien Linden, Brussels, Belgium, assignor to William J. Stewart, Belfast, Ireland. 1,162,629. Fire-escape. Joseph T. Bougford, Linwood, Mass. 1,162,692. Automatic sprinkler. Wilberforce B. Hammond, Boston, Mass.

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