Issue 25 and Volume 58.

WATER RATES Question and Answer Column. To the Editor:—I supposed that when I retired as chief of the fire deparement I would have, no further use for fire journals, but I find I am as much interested in knowing how those in harness are getting along as I did when I was in the service. I am especially interested in your “Question and Answer” column and think this feature will be of great service to beginners, as well as the old ones. JOHN L. TEMPLETON, ex-Chief Fire Dept. Muskogee, Okla., Nov. 18, 1915. Sprinklers in Schools. To the Editor:—In commenting on the suggestion of an insurance underwriter in Springfield, Mass., that automatic sprinklers should be used in certain places in schools, FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING says: “It might be remarked that when the fire reached 175 degrees Fahrenheit, sprinklers would have been of little avail in saving the lives of…

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