Railroad Shops at Newbern Burned

Issue 25 and Volume 58.

Railroad Shops at Newbern Burned Several buildings in the group of Norfolk Southern Railroad shops in the north part of Newbern, N. C., were burned on November 16. It is supposed that the fire was caused by a spark in the planing mill and it was stopped in the round house and car shop, the burned buildings being designated as Buildings 1, 2, 3 and 5. Part of Building 4, the round house, was burned. Buildings 1 and S were machine shops, the former having brick walls and a wood roof and the latter being of wood construction. Building 3, the boiler room, was of brick. The round house, No. 4, is likewise of brick. No 3, the planing mill, was all wood construction. There were ten openings in the walls between buildings 1 and 3 with no doors. A watchman discovered the fire and the department was notified by…

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