A Hose Coupling Suggestion

Issue 25 and Volume 58.

A Hose Coupling Suggestion Under the heading of “A Hose Coupling Incident and Suggestion,” the following interesting matter appeared in a recent issue of the Quarterly of the National Fire Protection Association: One of our New York members, Mr. E. B. Mallory, electrical engineer, relates an interesting incident of a recent suburban fire, and contributes a suggestion which may be very helpful to small fire departments of adjacent villages. Mr. Mallory was present at the fire referred to, which occurred midway between two small residence communities suburban to New York, and which necessitated the laying of more hose than could be provided by cither of the individual fire companies. He comments as follows: “After observing the confusion and delay incident to fighting this fire, it has occurred to me that a very small addition to the equipment of rural departments of this character could be made with considerable advantage. The…

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