Fire in Church in Norfolk

Issue 25 and Volume 58.

Fire in Church in Norfolk Christ P. E. Church at Norfolk, Va., was recently damaged by fire, which was discovered about 2:45 a. m. and which originated from an unknown cause in the northeast corner of the structure. The building was of stone and wood and about 60 by 90 feet in area. Chief R. F. McLaughlin, of the Norfolk department, had one Clapp & Jones second size engine, one Amoskeag first size engine, one Nott second size engine, one American-La France first size engine, one Webb motor pumping second size engine, one American-La France 85-foot aerial truck, and one Seagrave 65-foot aerial truck in service, with 4,350 feet of hose. Eight double 4-inch and 6-inch hydrants were available. A Bresnau nozzle and Hart ladder pipe were used. The damage to the building, valued at $121,000, amounted to $21,550; $39,000 damage was done to the contents, valued at $86,450.

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