Business Building at Lowell Destroyed

Issue 25 and Volume 58.

Business Building at Lowell Destroyed Fight buildings in the business district of Lowell, Ariz., a suburb of Bisbee, were burned to the ground on November 10. The buildings were of wood construction and the fire, which started in a picture show house on Main street, spread to other buildings on the south side of the street and then spread to others on the north side. Lowell is a mile beyond the corporate limits of Bisbee and is not under the jurisdiction or fire protection of Bisbee, but when the fire was discovered, at about 9.30 a. m., a call for help was sent by telephone and Chief B. W. Norton, of the Bisbee department, responded with six firemen. The buildings on both sides of Main street were already on fire when they arrived. Five sixinch double hydrants were available and ten hydrant streams were on the fire. 2,500 feet of…

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