Issue 26 and Volume 58.

MOTOR APPARATUS NOTES The Rescue Company, of Annville, Pa., has added a motor combination chemical and hose wagon to its equipment. It carries two 40gallon chemical tanks and has a spccially-built hose reel. Word was recently received by Chief Engineer John Ely, of the Champaign, Ill., department, from the Seagrave Company that the new motor pumping engine and aerial truck for Champaign will be ready for shipment by December 31. No bevel gears are used in the Cross Front Drive Tractor and, therefore, they claim none of the initial power produced is wasted in transmission to the traction wheel. The double chain drive is also one of the special features of this type of tractor. Advices received by Safety Director Wood, of Piqua, O., from the Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company, of Cincinnati, state that the new motor triple combination pumping engine recently purchased from the company by the city will…

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