Issue 1 and Volume 59.

FILTRATION The city of Ennis, Tex., has acquired five acres of land on which a filtration plant will be built. Reports from Chinook, Mont., state a filtration plant, to have a capacity of 500,000 gallons, being constructed, is nearing completion. Trial tests of the new water filters installed by the Arkansas Light and Power Company on the Ouachita river at Arkadelphia, Ark., have proven satisfactory. City Chemist J. E. Hixson, of Aurora, Ill., has reported that the city water is free from contamination and safe for domestic purposes. Daily tests are made by the city chemist. A demonstration of how water in Columbus, O., is filtered was given at a meeting of the Greater North Columbus Improvement Association, by Jerry O’Shatighnessy, superintendent of water works, and Chemist Hoover. Dr. C. Grace Carroll, county bacteriologist, who has examined samples of water taken from twenty-two wells in the village of Liverpool, N.…

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