Improvements for La Porte

Issue 1 and Volume 59.

Improvements for La Porte City Engineer L. D. Goddard, of La Porte, Ind., has had some boring done in Lily Lake at the place where it is proposed the city shall eventually construct a three-million-gallon reservoir to add to the city’s storage capacity and provide water in case of interruption to the pumping service at the Kankakee station. The reservoir is to be built in a part of the lake near the water works plant and the borings are being made to ascertain what the character of the soil is at the bottom of the lake. Before the concrete lining, which is to form the reservoir, can be put in, a solid foundation must be reached and the borings are to determine how far down it is necessary to go. Mr. Goddard says that in case no clay soil is struck for a long ways down, it will be necessary…

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