Issue 2 and Volume 59.

THE FIRE LOSS OF 1915 Estimates of the fire losses in the United States during the year 1915 show a reduction of close to $50,000,000 over the year 1914. The United States property loss by fire in 1915 is placed at $172,000,000 in round figures, being between $48,000,000 and $49,000,000 less than in 1914, while figures for the United States and Canada give the loss at $182,836,200, showing a reduction of $52,755,100 over the year 1914 when the loss was $235,591,350. The lowest totals were for June, July and August. Figures show the loss of $182,836,200 to be the smallest since the year 1905, when the recorded figures were $175,193,800. Some Comparative Figures. Compared with $182,836,200 in 1915 for the United States and Canada are the following figures for the past ten years: The loss by months in 1915 is figured as follows: Figures month by month for 1914 were:…

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