Issue 2 and Volume 59.

TABLE OF CONTENTS The Middleboro Reinforced Concrete Tower Tank. By George A. Sampson. (Illustrated) 22 Good Record of the Fire Service in 1915. (Editonal) 25 Sources of Water Pollution. By John W. Hill, C.E. 18 To Reduce the Speed of Apparatus. 29 Experiments in Water Softening With a Zeolitelike Substance. By R. N. Kinnaird. 27 Fire Protection in Factories. By Sidney J. Williams 17 Water Rates at Terre Haute. 27 Suggestions for Clean-up Week. By State Fire Marshal Ole O. Roe, ot Iowa. 17 Storage, Sale and Handling of Gasoline and Explosives. Bv Roger W. Wallace . 20 Augusta Water District Report . 19 Water Report of Lincoln . 19 City Engineer W. E. Baumgardner, of Albion. 19 Manatee Water Works System . 19 Fire in Garage in Hoboken. (Illustrated). 28 ⅞ The New London Water System . 20 One Day Off in Four in Denver . 17 The Fire…

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