Issue 2 and Volume 59.

FILTRATION A chemical analysis of the water taken from the test well recently drilled at Orleans, Ill., found the quality of the water satisfactory. High-power pumps will be attached at once to test the quantity of the supply. State Food Commissioner H. E. Barnard, of Indiana, after testing a sample of the water from Elkhart, pronounced it to be in satisfactory condition. The analysis was as follows: Odor, slight; turbidity, slight; free ammonia, none; albuminoid ammonia, .0080; hardness, 22.2; colon bacilli, absent; gas formers, absent. State Bacteriologist Wild has completed tests of water samples recently taken from sources of public supply at several towns in Nebraska. Three samples taken at Wausa, from the municipal well, the reservoir and the public school hydrant, all proved to be satisfactory. The city water at Ogallala likewise was found to be all right, and water from a school well at Lexington tested free from…

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