Issue 4 and Volume 59.

MOTOR APPARATUS NOTES The Fairfield, Ia., fire department has received its new 100 horse-power motor combination chemical and hose wagon. It is a six-cylinder truck, with two ladders and a 40-gallon chemical tank. Citizens of Oneida, N. Y., contemplate taking the first step toward securing motor apparatus for the city department by the purchase of a truck capable of carrying about 300 feet of hose, chemicals and two or three men. The Cross Front Drive tractor has Timken roller bearings in wheels and throughout, which are adjustable, and a left-hand drive. There are selective types, each having center control, three speeds forward and one reverse. The Finance Committee of Counci of Atlanta, Ga., has appropriated $20,300 for the purchase of a motor triple combination pumping engine, a motor ladder truck and a motor combination chemical and hose wagon for the fire department. Chief John H. Mylord, of Glen Ridge, N.…

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