Water Conditions at Portsmouth

Issue 4 and Volume 59.

Water Conditions at Portsmouth The following report of the condition of the water supply of Portsmouth, O., at various times in 24 hours, is given in a local paper of that place: During December the sudden changes of the river taxed the energies of the staff to the limit. Beginning on the first of the month, the water showed a bacterial test of 2,500 counts which was a minimum for the month and before two weeks had transpired had climbed to 36,000 counts. The average for the month was 9,600. George P. Shute, chief engineer, in making out his monthly report for the state board of health, states that the maximum count for the month was nearer sewerage than water. Although the river in bacterial counts vary considerable in twenty-four hours, the filtration plant is amply able to reduce the count to a healthy basis. When the count rises more…

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