Issue 4 and Volume 59.

MOTOR DRIVEN FIRE APPARATUS’ Part 20, Concluded. In taking care of a storage battery, there four points which are of the first importance. First, the battery must be charged properly. Second, the battery must not be over-discharged. Third, short circuits between the plates or from sediment under them, must be prevented. Fourth, the plates must be kept covered with electrolyte and only water of the proper purity used for replacing evaporation. In the event of electrical trouble, which may be ascribed to weak source of current, first test the battery, using a low reading voltmeter. Small pocket voltmeters can be purchased for a few dollars and will be found a great convenience. Cells may be tested individually and as a battery. The proper time to take a reading of a storage battery is immediately upon stopping or while the engine is running, if battery ignition is used. A more definite…

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