Issue 4 and Volume 59.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Smith appointed Chief at Toronto. (Illustrated) 49 Wool Mill Damaged by Fire 49 Chief J. J. Brown and the Muscatine Department. (Illustrated) 52 Motor-Driven Fire Apparatus. By Victor W. Page. (Illustrated) 50 Death of M. J. Drummond 60 Bakery Fire Well Handled at Wheeling 49 Losses in Fire Hydrants. By Caleb Mills Saville 53 Key West Has Serious Fire. (Illustrated) 55 Questions and Answers 63 Convention of Firemen of Illinois. (Illustrated) 58 The Shreveport Water Case 54 Opinion Relative to Wilkes-Barre Firemen’s Relief Association 57 Fire Department Reports 56 Important Extensions completed at Detroit 53 Water Conditions at Portsmouth 53 Bayonr r Wants More Water 57 Novel Chief’s Car at Winona. (Illustrated) 61 Praise tor Chief Johnson of Indianapolis 49 Four State Section of American Water Works Association 60

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