Issue 4 and Volume 59.

BAYONNE WANTS MORE WATER. Bayonne, N. J., fearing that its rights to condemnation for its water supply might be affected by the legislation that is contemplated. the City Commission is urged to take immediate steps in the matter so that South Hudson might acquire and divert enough water for its future as well as the present need. At the present time Bayonne uses about 8,000,000 gallons of water a day. In 20 years it is thought that this amount will be more than tripled, judging by the rapid growth of the city. Concerning the action to be taken, Commissioner Cronin, in charge of the water department, gives the following explanation of the present status of the case. He says that during the year 1910 the City of Bayonne passed certain resolutions by which it was determined to acquire by purchase or condemnation the right to divert an average daily supply…

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