Milling Plant at St. Catherines Burned

Issue 5 and Volume 59.

Milling Plant at St. Catherines Burned St. Catherines, Ont., was visited by one of the largest fires in the history of the city when the Maple Leaf Milling Company was nearly burned to the ground recently. The property is located along the canal and occupies a space about 40 by 70 feet. The building was two stories in height and over 60 years of age. It was built of frame with brick and had partition walls. The age of the building made it extremely inflammable. 1he exact point where the fire started is unknown for when the department arrived the entire mill was in flames. The fire was discovered by one of the employees, but it gained such rapid headway that it was impossible to either check it or find its origin. The fire burned for thirteen hours before finally being brought under control. The first alarm came in at…

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