Issue 7 and Volume 59.

FIRE DEPARTMENT REPORTS Franklin, Pa. The amount of the fire loss in Franklin, Pa., in 1915, according to a report made by Chief Frank D. Grimm, was $51,498.35. During the year there was received a total of 41 alarms (3 of these alarms were outside of the city) of the total loss from fire, the loss on buildings was $16,749.60, and on contents, $34,748.75. The total insurance carried on involved property was $139,050. The total value of property endangered by fire was $387,325. Insurance paid on losses was $10,305.55. During the year there was laid and used, 0,650 feet of 2J3-inch hose, 1,000 feet of chemical hose and 100 feet ¾-inch hose; used 3 tanks of chemicals (280 gallons), 15 hand chemicals (15 gallons). Thirteen fires were extinguished with chemicals, eleven with water and one with chemicals and water. During the year the motor truck traveled 497.2 miles; cost of…

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