Planing Mill at Bowling Green Destroyed

Issue 7 and Volume 59.

Planing Mill at Bowling Green Destroyed The F. L. Kister planing mill and furniture factory at Bowling Green, Ky., were recently totally destroyed with a loss on buildings and contents of $30,000. Four frame dwellinsg close by were burned but other frame dwellings across the street and nearby which were endangered were saved by the prompt and efficient work of Chief John Moltenberry and his men. The fire started on the first floor the planing mill, a three-story wood, iron ad structure and when discovered by a citin at 5.15 p. m. had made such progress that c department, on its arrival, found the fire truing briskly among shavings and lumber t tlie first lloor and in about two minutes ,e flames burst out on the second floor. The ones spread rapidly, the nature of the connts of the plant, consisting of furniture mantles, lumber, and planing mill supplies, feedg…

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