Issue 7 and Volume 59.

FILTRATION Automatic rate controllers are to be placed on each of the four effluent pipes from the filter at Iowa City, Ia. The water works department of Cleveland, O., is making its own chlorine to purify the city water. The chlorine making plant cost the city about $600. State analysis of samples taken from sources of supply and hydrants at Wadsworth, O., show that the city water in two districts was contaminated. With the exception of the samples from these two districts, the water was pronounced suitable for drinking purposes. The East Chicago (Ind.), Board of Health is conferring with the State Board in order to see whether the installation of a filtration plant, which has been recommended, cannot be hastened. Special hydraulic engineers have been appointed to make a survey of the water situation. . City Manager Ashburner, of Springfield, O., has announced that the city will purchase and…

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