Manchester Water Department Annual Report

Issue 9 and Volume 59.

Manchester Water Department Annual Report Manchester, N. H., has 7,996 services of which 235 were added during 1915, according to the yearly report of Water Superintendent James H. Mendell. 6,412 meters had been set to date of which 221 were set during the year. There are 982 hydrants. The total amount of water pumped during the year was 1,532,774,530 gallons. The daily average pumped was 4,199,300 gallons ancf the daily amount used per capita, estimating the population at 78,000 and allowing ten per cent, for leaks and pump slippage, was 48½ gallons. The amount of main pipe laid during the year was 17,257 feet. In the course of the report, Superintendent Mendell says: The average height of water in the lake has been greater than for any year since records have been kept. Samples of water taken frequently from the lake, reservoirs, and brooks flowing into the lake have been…

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