Issue 9 and Volume 59.

WATER RATES The Glen Ridge, N. J., Water Department has reduced its rate for 1,000 cubic feet from $2.10 to $2. The water committee of Bethlehem, Pa., recommends a reduction of ten per cent, in the water rates this year. At Roanoke, Va., Manager Malcolmson, of the water company, states that the minimum rate has been fixed at 55 cents per month. Commissioner Bowman of Harrisburg, Pa., has ordered a reduction in the minimum rate to $4, and the rate per 100 cubic feet to 8 cents. The Board of Aldermen of St. Louis, Mo., has passed a bill which makes the rate for 1,000 gallons 6 cents, for manufacturing purposes. The question of reducing the water rates is receiving consideration at Camden, Ark. An ordinance has passed the first reading in Council providing for a reduction of 10 cents per 1,000 cubic feet. The present rate is $1.00 for…

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