Bessemer Fire Report

Issue 9 and Volume 59.

Bessemer Fire Report In a report by Chief J. I. Reeder, of the local department of Bessemer, Ala., for the year ending December, 1915, the following statistics are given: During the year 225 alarms were answered, at which fires the men laid out 33.350 feet of hose, used 976 gallons of chemicals, raised 2,411 feet of ladders, traveled 386.5 miles, used 596 gallons of gasoline, used 45 gallons of oil; property at risk for year $559,484; contents at risk, $294,855; total risk for year, $854,469. Insurance risk for year, $256,232; insurance loss for year, $23,223.20. Seventy per cent, of the fires were caused by sparks on the roof and defective flues, which cotdd have been eleminated with proper fire ordinances, according to the chief.

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