Issue 9 and Volume 59.

THE WATER METER RATES OF IOWA CITY Iowa City, Iowa, is a residential university city. The water supply is furnished by a private company, the Iowa City Water Company, Part of the water is taken from galleries sunk beneath the Iowa River, part form flowing drilled wells 100 feet deep, and part directly from the Iowa River. Due to the high iron content of the gallery water, an iron removal plant was built in 1910. The lime process was adopted, followed by sedimentation and filtration. It is probable that the Iowa River will become the sole source of supply in the near future. This will insure a water free from iron and somewhat softer than at present. The distribution system consists of about twenty-five miles of four to twenty-inch cast iron mains. There were in June 2,000 service accounts, 722 of which were metered. The ordinary pressure at the pumps…

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