The Shelbyville Filtration Plant

Issue 10 and Volume 59.

The Shelbyville Filtration Plant A report from Shelbyville, Ky., says the new filter plant which has been under construction since October, is now practically completed and will be in service in a few days. It has a capacity of 750,000 gallons in 24 hours, which is more than three times as great as the present daily consumption. The plant was installed by the New York Continental Jewell Filtration Company, under the supervision of Ralph T. Alger, one of its engineers, at a cost of $15,000. The system employed is in successful operation in various cities throughout the country, and the contract carries a guarantee of pure and wholesome water, free from odor, at all seasons of the year. The water is pumped from the creek over aerating planes, from which it flows into a double concrete basin, the passage through which requires three hours for sedimentation. It is then forced…

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