Annual Fire Department Report of Sharon

Issue 10 and Volume 59.

Annual Fire Department Report of Sharon The report of the Sharon, Pa., fire department for the year 1915 has been issued by Chief Fred Vanderholt, and it states that the fire losses for the 87 calls during the year totalled $29,878.94, including buildings and contents. The cost of the department was $13,023.68. Of this amount $5,760 went for salaries, $3,226.50 for the Vulcan truck and $1,670.39 for other new equipment. The cost of maintenance of the motor apparatus shows the saving over horse-drawn apparatus. The operating cost of the motor apparatus is given as follows: Truck No. 1: Repairs, $1,503.61; Gasoline, $25.68; Oil, $22.00; Supplies, $4.21; Alarms answered, 54; Miles traveled, 162; Hours pumped, 3; Pumping cost per hour, $1.21; Average cost per mile, $.43; Average cost fire, $1.30. Truck No. 2: Repairs.; Gasoline, $10.55; Supplies, $35.41; Alarms answered, 31; Miles traveled, 147; Practice mileage, 200; Average cost per mile,…

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