Old Refinery Fire at Toledo

Issue 10 and Volume 59.

Old Refinery Fire at Toledo Fire occurred in the Craig Oil Refinery at Toledo, O., recently. The District Chief, John Tiernan, who was in charge, was greatly hindered in his work by the necessity of running long lines of hose. The fire burned for twelve hours and were it not for the good work of District Chief Tiernan and the general efficiency of the department, the damage done would have amounted to a great deal more than it did. Louis H. Elling is Toledo’s chief. The fire was caused by the blowing out of an oil still and almost immediately upon starting spread rapidly, setting fire to numerous tanks of oil and gasoline. When the fire had been extinguished it was found that one oil still, fourteen tanks, one 2-story building and two sheds had been destroyed. The value of the damaged plant, including its contents of oil and gasoline,…

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