Theatre Fire in Lexington

Issue 10 and Volume 59.

Theatre Fire in Lexington The Ben Ali Theatre, a three-story brick and wood structure, in Lexington, Ky., caught fire at 7:45 a. m., recently. The fire started on the stage, the cause, it is believed, having been crossed wires. One engine and three hose companies with twenty-five men responded to the alarm, and six streams were soon playing on the fire. Chief W. A. Jesse and his men worked efficiently, preventing the fire spreading to any other part of the building. The chief used 3,200 feet of hose, with lJ4-inch nozzles. In two hours Chief Jesse had completely subdued the blaze. The building was valued at $150,000 and of this the loss amounted to about $50,000. The valuation of the scenery and auditorium furniture contained in the building was estimated at $40,000, and the loss here at $35,000. Chief Jesse was commended for his skill in saving the major portion…

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