Issue 10 and Volume 59.

METERAGE The system of installing meters at Akron, O., is to be continued. Madison, N. J., has passed a resolution ordering all taps to be metered. Clinton, Mass., has in use 1,654 water meters according to the annual report of Superintendent J. J. Philbin. 77 were placed during 1915. Service Director of Mansfield, O., says the present water waste would be greatly reduced by installing meters, and he recommends that more be used. The Glassboro-Clinton Water Company has applied to the Public Utility Commission to increase rates in Glassboro and Clayton and install meters. At Salem, Mass., there arc 1,200 meters set and an additional number will be installed this year. The rate has been cut nearly 50 per cent, since meters were first introduced. The Illinois Public Utilities Commission has ordered that all meters in use in Freeport, Ill., which have not been tested during a period of twelve…

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