Scranton Casket Factory Burns

Issue 10 and Volume 59.

Scranton Casket Factory Burns Fire occurred in the Miller Casket Factory, situated in a busy part of Scranton, N. J., February 5th. The building occupied a space 150 feet square, was three stories in height and was built about 22 years ago of brick and wood. The fire started in the cellar from an unknown cause and in a very short time the whole building was a mass of flames and smoke. It was in this condition that Chief H. F. Ferber found the building. The Chief succeeded in stopping the blaze at the Lyceum Theatre, adjoining the other building. The theatre was protected by a standpipe, and by sprinkler equipment throughout the stage and dressing rooms. Chief Ferber succeeded in getting every one of the 75 persons employed in the casket factory out of the building without any being injured. The contents of this building, consisting of coffins, boxes…

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