New South Bend Small Combination Car

Issue 10 and Volume 59.

New South Bend Small Combination Car The South Bend Motor Car Works, South Bend, Ind., is now placing on the market a small combination known as the company’s C-H 40, which is propelled by a 40-horsepower motor, and has a final drive through worm drive rear axle. This car will be equipped with a 40-gallon chemical tank, 200 feet of chemical hose, and will have a carrying capacity of 1,000 feet of standard 2 1/2-inch rubber lined fire hose, will be electrically lighted and will have all the necessary equipment such as Babcock’s ladders, lanterns, axes, etc., and will sell for $2,500. This car will develop an approximate speed of thirty miles per hour and will have the same construction and workmanship that “South Bend Double-Duty” fire apparatus has had in the past.

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