Meterage in Salt Lake City

Issue 10 and Volume 59.

Meterage in Salt Lake City In the annual report of C. F. Barrett, Superintendent of Water Works, of Salt Lake City, Utah, water consumption on a flat rate basis is decribcd as wasteful, and the installation of meters is pronounced the saving procedure for the protection of the city from water scarcity, Mr. Barrett suggests that the city insist upon installation of meters with all new service connections. It is pointed out in the report that if during the past year the flat rate consumption for domestic purposes had been no more than the meter rate consumption, or 68.5 gallons daily per capita, the city would have saved during 1915 8,963,487½ gallons of water daily, which, if sold at 6 cents a thousand gallons, would have amounted to $196,287 for the year. Under a uniform meter regime, say* Superintendent Barrett, there would have been no need to restrict consumption of…

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