Wooden Houses Burn at Titusville

Issue 10 and Volume 59.

Wooden Houses Burn at Titusville That a square block of Titusville, Pa. stores was not completely wiped out on January 15 was due mainly to the able efforts of Chief Allie Longetine. The local department was confronted with the possibility of one of the largest fires of its history when the block of twoand three-story wooden houses, situated on Franklin and Main streets, caught fire. It was an attempt to thaw some water pipes that caused the fire, and the buildings being fifty years of age and accordingly very dry, were soon burning furiously. That anything at all remains of the houses was proof of the efficiency of Chief Longetine and his department. The fire was extinguished with a loss of only $10,000 to the buildings, and $8,000 to contents. The buildings, together with contents, were valued at $30,000. Officer Harry Platt discovered the fire in the early morning. Two…

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