Factory Structure in Newark Gutted by Flames

Issue 12 and Volume 59.

Factory Structure in Newark Gutted by Flames Short circuiting of the electric light and power wires entering the five story brick factory of the B. D. Dunham & Son plant at Newark, N. J., wrecked the interior of the building recently, After the fire had been raging for an hour and a half, the roof collapsed. The wooden beams which supported the fourth floor gave way rapidly so that much of the unburned material was on the second and third floors of the ruins. Concrete flooring on the first and second floors prevented machinery and other material from reaching the street level. Despite the low temperature which prevailed the 200 firemen who responded to the fire alarm with Chief Paul J. Moore stuck manfully to their posts and succeeded in confining the fire to the factory. The firemen stationed themselves on adjoining roofs and in alleyways, and with streams kept…

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