Furniture Fire at Chippewa Falls

Issue 12 and Volume 59.

Furniture Fire at Chippewa Falls Chief Joseph Menli was called upon to quell a serious blaze on January 25, when fire broke out in the packing room on the first floor of the building occupied by J. W. Mason, dealer in furniture and hardware, at Chippewa Falls, Wis. That the chief saved a large part of the building was due only to his prompt and efficient work. The building was a two-story brick and wood structure, built about twenty-five years ago, and contained a number of wooden partitions. The fire was supposed to have been caused either by spontaneous combustion or by faulty electric wiring. The fact that Chief Menli saved any of the building was remarkable, taking into consideration that there were only twelve firemen and no pumpers at the fire; 2,700 feet of hose with ¾ and 1-inch nozzles were used. The largest number of streams thrown at…

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