Issue 12 and Volume 59.

AMONG THE MANUFACTURERS The Clark Meter Testers. The H. W. Clark Company’s water meter testers are made to meet requirements of the small plant, as well as large ones. These machines made at the company’s plant at Mattoon, Ill., have the following equipment: Special construction of flow test valves— they are self-cleaning, are accurate, afford perfect sensibility tests. Slow opening inlet valve—eliminating water hammer and undue strains on meter. (This valve not furnished with No. 0 machine.) Quick opening valve on the outlet side of meters, enabling flow through same to be controlled identically as when in actual service and giving absolute control over test at all times. Special scale with meter tester beam and percentage bar for instantaneously determining percentage of error in registration. Special construction of scale platform and base—Sets flat on the floor—no rollers to affect its stability during test. Rectangular tank construction—occupying the least amount of…

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